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I Have stopped for quite a long while, on the latest "Salon d'hiver", in front of the productions of Mr.Dambourgez.
There, I have found again, his continuous personal touch which stands out clearly against the " too much and so often already shown".
Mostly respected artist, curious of realities, E.Dambourgez has behind him, a significant and well established experience.
As soon as 1888, Albert Wolff indicates, in the "Salon des Artistes Français", Une boutique de fromages, to which he doesexpress in an elogious manner.
In 1891, the City of Paris bought from him, a prestigious painting "Marchande de crème et de fromages aux Halles", and in the
Salon in 1892, his " Criée aux poissons" obtains a very big success.

From 1893, it is noticeable the artist is moving from the naturalist to the impressionnist technic. Then, we can admire from him, through this new way of painting, "Les Gitanes de Grenade", les ,"vues de Tanger", so much appreciated by Ch. Yriarde. ,"la Côte d'Azur", ,"Venise", ,"Bruges" and ,"les Nostalgies Hollandaises", which clearly express this transformation, then, after 1898, it is hopeless that the amateurs of Arts, investigate for any further production!!
For personnal reasons, Dambourgez does no longer participate in official exhibitions and salons. At the Salon d'Hiver, we highly appreciated ,"la Taverne Pousset sur les Grands Boulevards", dated of 20 years ago,which is double of painting shoan in the Salon in 1898.

Dambourgez, the painter in his workshop

"un Carnaval à Venise" with Tintoret house, "des vieilles maisons de Bruges", and a "canal à Dordrecht" (bought by the City of Paris in 1921), this production has demonstrated that Dambourgez continues to behave as "the painter of the strong manner" His quality of painting is free of any restraint, and his strong colors reinforce his establishment.
With an equal success and happiness, he expresses as well, the pure atmospheres of Venice, as the foggy horizons of
Flandres, and through his "oeuvre", is revealed an impression of real art and proximity, which is too scarecely shown to day...

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